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Who won IPL 2021?

The enormity of the IPL 2021 cannot be underestimated. This year, thousands of fans are looking forward to the start of this incredible sporting event. IPL search in social networks and search engines becomes the leading one throughout the season. Fans are in full swing discussing changes in team lineups, upcoming matches, the results of past matches. But most of all, everyone is trying to answer the question who will be the winner of the IPL 2021?

But everyone chooses the winner of the IPL 2021 in their way. A dedicated fan of the team will praise their favorites in full and will not give up their words that it is his favorite team that will win. Others fully analyze the available information before the start of the season and, based on this, assume who can become the winner. For some, the location of the stars in the sky may be a reliable source of information about the winners of an IPL match.

However, it is impossible to determine one hundred percent the winner of the IPL 2021. Throughout the season, events can change at an incredible speed, and a team that previously led and won several matches in a row at the start may slow down after that. Nevertheless, thanks to certain criteria and information, it is possible to determine the favorites of this IPL season.

Criteria for determining the winner of IPL 2021 

The most successful way to determine an IPL winner is to review and analyze certain information. Statistically, it was thanks to this approach that most people correctly determined the winners of matches and the entire IPL season. The most important thing is that all this information is freely available throughout the Internet, and with patience and desire, it is possible to predict the outcome of most matches.

First of all, this is the statistics of matches of previous IPL seasons. For the beginning, it is important to look at the list of the winners from the past few years and identify the clear favorites. After that, the statistics of head-to-head meetings can be found to see which team most often became the winner. Thus, after analyzing the entire history of meetings, can be formed the clearest understanding of which team has been the most productive in recent years and who can become the winner of the IPL 2021.

Another important aspect is the change in the core team. Each year, prior to the start of the season, each IPL franchise determines which players to include and who to discard. Such a system works in both directions — it can bring the promising of an experienced player and strengthen the team or weaken the squad with the poor choice of players. Having a strong captain in the team is also important. It is the captain who plans the entire strategy of the team, assigns players to positions, and is the moral center of the team. Without a good coach, it is unlikely that a team can win the IPL 2021.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that each IPL team has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, the ability to play in bad weather conditions or having a team with extremely strong batsmen can become a turning point during a match and bring victory.

IPL favorites 2021

At the moment, it is possible to identify several teams that are favorites in the 2021 IPL season and one of them can be considered as the future IPL winner.

  • Mumbai Indians 

Before the start of each season, Mumbai Indians are considered the main contenders for the IPL winner status. This year was no exception. Keeping experienced players from past seasons can help the team claim another title in the 2021 IPL season.

  • Delhi Capitals 

Thanks to the hard work of the team captain Shreyas Iyer, over the past few years, Delhi Capitals have been able to form a strong team, achieve considerable success and show high performance, which makes them the favorites of the IPL 2021.

  • Sunrises Hyderabad 

In the early years, Sunrises Hyderabad strategized their game around strong bowlers which help to win the IPL season. But this year the situation has changed. Having suffered losses in the bowlers, the team has strengthened its batsmen squad and ready to show its power in this IPL season.

  • Chennai Super Kings 

Together with one of the most experienced captains in the history of Indian cricket, Chennai Super Kings is poised to claim the title of IPL 2021 Winners. With a strong team of high-professional players, together with strategies from the well-qualified coach, they are ready for a breakthrough victory.

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