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Which IPL Team has Most Fans in 2020

Underrated sports are always surprising, and so was cricket. Initially, it was played only in the vastness of Great Britain, but time changed and after decades this sport became also traditional for the inhabitants of India.

And although not so many countries play it, all sports fans watch cricket matches at every point in the world.

Every cricket match causes a huge wave of discussion, and when it is the Indian Premier League matches, the talking and discussion spread all over the world. Only comments to IPL matches on YouTube are worth something!

Twenty years ago, no one would have thought that football had such an unexpected and tough rival as cricket and that major tournaments would be expected by fans with the same impatience.

Initially, there were thirteen teams in the IPL, but after a few years, there were eight of them, as the weakest teams could not withstand the competition. Each of the remaining teams has a huge number of fans, of course, in those cities whose representatives each of the teams is.

But often the fans can support not only the representatives of their hometown but also other teams, thus captivating the total number of fans.

Since the IPL has entered the international level, the nationality and the number of fans are not limited by Indian borders. There is no country without at least ten IPL fans.

The more teams have a fan, the tougher and brighter is the fight on the sports field during matches. Every day, large-scale discussions and disputes about the players of different teams, their achievements and defeats flare-up on social networks.

Each of the teams has their accounts on the most popular social platforms and the number of subscribers on each page is the number of fans who support their favourites. If to subscribe to each of the pages, everyone will be able to keep abreast of the latest events and news about each cricket team. According to the most popular social networks, it’s possible to make an approximate rating of teams from the most fans.

  1. Mumbai Indians: 25.5 million;
  2. Chennai Super Kings: 24.6 million;
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders: 22.4 million;
  4. Royal Challengers Bangalore: 19.1 million;
  5. Punjab Kings: 12.7 million;
  6. Delhi Capitals: 10.8 million;
  7. Sunrisers Hyderabad: 10.5 million;
  8. Rajasthan Royals: 7.1 million!

Which team has more fans in IPL?

The fan base of each team is very changeable. Depending on the approach and heat of the IPL season, the number of fans may increase, and at the end of the tournament — decrease. The increase in fans is especially noticeable in the final straight of the league when one fan can support two or even three teams.

For each IPL team, the support of fans is very important, and the higher is the quantity of team fans, the more motivation each player has to win! And very often teams compete with each other not only in professional skills but also in the size of the fan base.

As everyone can see from the above-compiled rating, the team has the largest fan base, which surprises every season not only with its incredible game-strategies but also with the regular unexpected outcomes of each IPL match. When it comes to the strongest team in the IPL, then of course Mumbai Indians immediately comes to mind.

The MI is one of the most dangerous teams in the league, with which all other teams fear to compete. Mumbai players are the record holders for the IPL titles they received because they managed to win five times with a frequency of every two years!

With regular training, the most professional players and the largest amount of fans, this team makes the other seven IPL teams nervous before playing together.

Most Fan Base Team in IPL

According to the most recent data taken from the most popular social pages of Mumbai Indians, they have the following number of subscribers:

  • on Facebook there are 13 million subscribers; 
  • in Instagram there are 6.3 million followers; 
  • on Twitter, there are 6.2 million subscribers! 

The repeated victories in the IPL and the cricket Champions League and the highly professional skills of each player attract such a huge audience. Also in the composition of the teams, viewers can see there the most famous cricket players, such as Jasprit Bumrah and Rohit Sharma, who have never let their team down.

The Mumbai Indians also have competitors who step on the heels of MI every time and this is the Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

This team is one of the most recognizable on the world cricket stage with three victories in the Indian Premier League and a spectacular comeback after two years off.

CSK also can boast an immense number of subscribers in social networks:

  • in the Facebook team has 12 million subscribers; 
  • in the Instagram team has 6.2 million subscribers; 
  • on Twitter, the team has 6.4 million followers! 

One of the most popular players that have made the team even more popular is MS Dhoni, whose career is watched by an incredible number of fans!

Besides these two cricket giants, there is another terrific team — Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).

This is a team that can be proud not of the number of victories, but the brightness and quality of each game, thereby attracting a huge number of fans from all over the world.

KKR fan base on social networks:

  • Facebook — 16 million subscribers; 
  • Twitter — 4.2 million subscribers; 
  • on Instagram — 2.2 million subscribers! 

Thanks to the highly qualified coaching staff, the team shows excellent results and gives great hopes for victory in the upcoming season.

Not only these three teams are strongly popular on social media, the rest have also managed to gather a huge number of the most loyal fans from all over the world. Thanks to such enormous support players collect full stadiums at every match and fight to win to meet the expectations of the audience.

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