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Most Dangerous Team in IPL

Perhaps there is no such exciting sport in the world as cricket. Its stunning and captivating story leaves no one indifferent.

Initially, cricket began its history in the vastness of Britain, but after decades it took root in India.

It took very little time for cricket to become the traditional and most popular sport in India.

Once the officials of the cricket organization decided that this game needs to be taken to a new level, ideally on the world stage. This prompted them to create the Indian Premier League in 2008, which became a real discovery for cricket fans, and the organizers did not fail with the fact that this championship will become internationally recognized.

Now the IPL is exactly the event that causes a huge stir long before the start of the new season. And the reason for such popularity was the incredibly strong teams, each match with which they bring a storm of emotions to the audience.

Some of the teams are not only strong in their strategies and sports skills, but also in that they can proudly bear the title of the most dangerous team IPL!

Of the 8 teams, the most dangerous is the Mumbai Indians (MI), which have stood out for winning the tournament five times in fourteen seasons!

The next in danger are the players of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) team, as there were many obstacles on their sports path that they were able to overcome and become reusable IPL champions.

Not only these teams can be called the strongest team IPL and the most dangerous, but the rest also have something to brag about, and this gives them great chances of winning in the next seasons.

Who is the most Dangerous IPL team?

Not every team of the Indian Premier League can boast of the success of the development and growth of professionalism. Delving into the study of the history of the IPL, then the difficult path of Mumbai Indians (MI) immediately stands out.

Initially, in the first five years of IPL existence, MI did not show much hope, but in 2013 they were able to surprise every viewer by winning a match with one of the strongest teams — Chennai Super Kings (CSK). As the subsequent unexpected outcomes of each season showed, this victory was the first, but far from the last, for MI.

In 2015, the victory was repeated and in 2017, Mumbai became deserved three-time winners of the IPL title.

In 2019 and 2020, MI was able to build a record bar so that it will not soon be possible for someone to catch up with it because now they are five-time winners of the IPL. Closer is only CSK with a three-time IPL title.

Mumbai have achieved such success thanks to regular updates of strategies and the strict selection of new players. No wonder MI is considered the most expensive franchise in the entire Indian Premier League and the price justifies the result.

After that, to the question: Who is the most Dangerous IPL team? — the answer is unanimous, of course, Mumbai Indians!

Which is the Dangerous Team in IPL?

All eight teams deserve special attention and can be considered the best because each has a unique feature that is not in other teams.

  1. Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are another multiple champions in the history of the Indian tournament. Each match with CSK is a real fight that makes all fans hold their breath until the last seconds of the game.

The team’s professionalism is also confirmed by the number of victories in the IPL: 

  • 2010 the first victory of CSK in the 3rd season of the IPL; 
  • 2011 the second consecutive victory of the team in the 4th season; 
  • 2018 the great comeback victory! 

Super Kings motivate other teams to fight for victory to the last and for many competitors they are perceived as the most dangerous players!

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is a highly professional set of players that have been gaining experience in the IPL for a very long time and in 2011 managed to get into the playoffs. And already in 2012, in the fifth season of the IPL in the final match, they were able to defeat some of the best Chennai Super Kings.

Also, KKR is in second place because of its price and thus are the main competitors for the Mumbai Indians.

  1. Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) a team that is considered one of the best in the talent to pull high results after long losses. The SRH platers have not missed a single playoff since 2016.
  2. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) a team of players who surprise by being in the second position of the standings for several years in a row, thereby keeping other teams in suspense, because RCB has the greatest chances of winning next season.
  3. Punjab Kings (PBKS) a team whose fans are eagerly awaiting a dash from their players. Throughout the history of the IPL, PBKS have only made the playoffs once and have never won a title. The last auction was successful in acquiring new players in the team, so viewers should expect a surprise from the Punjab Kings.
  4. Rajasthan Royals (RR) a team that included some of the best cricket players — Ajinkya Rahan and Shane Watson. Despite the presence of record holders in the team, RR has not yet managed to win the title, but perhaps the next season will be fateful for both the players and the loyal fans of the team.
  5. Delhi Capitals (DC) a team whose fans are very much counting on the victory of their favourites. The players promise not to let their viewers down and do their best to finally get the honour and title of the winner.

Which is the Dangerous Team in IPL? This answer is very difficult and takes time to think. Each of the teams deserves the title of the strongest and the first line in the IPL standings. After the last season, all the teams began to renew the team squad and to active daily training to show who is the best in the new season.

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