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Lowest Score in IPL history

Lowest Team Score in IPL

Cricket has recently managed to become a world sport. There are dedicated fans in every corner of the planet who follow matches and tournaments every season.

Of course, one of the most popular cricket events is the European Championship, but there is a tournament that has managed to stay all the viewing records and this is the Indian Premier League. For more than ten years, the IPL has been recognized as one of the largest championships, in each season of which all existing records in the history of cricket are broken.

At the beginning of the formation of the league, success was very doubtful, and the teams did not show the results that the organizers expected, but in a very short period everything became completely different. Each game for the viewer became a bright show with an unforeseen plot outcome. Many IPL players have been able to forever imprint their name in the world history of cricket thanks to their high professionalism. Each of them was able to set records that no one can beat to this day!

Such high results and giving brightness to each match attracts fans not only as spectators but also as future cricket players in the future because many teenagers learn the game from their idols!

Thanks to the IPL, every year all over the world you can hear about India because everyone is in anticipation of the start of the season and it was cricket and this championship that could glorify India so globally. By the way, over the past five years, there have not yet appeared players in the world who could give odds to Indian cricketers.

Unfortunately, due to the global situation with the epidemic, the IPL faced several difficulties and could not adequately hold the tournament. The organizers were forced to postpone the matches and also to play them outside the territory of India, because of which the players were exhausted both mentally and physically.

But two years later, in 2021, the teams will most likely be able to show what they can do at the largest cricket championship. Most likely, this event will be remembered by fans from all over the world, since the players had enough time to train to show the maximum level of their professionalism and show a bright game as a result!

As before, the roster of each of the teams has been updated, even stronger players have been added, and this guarantees new results and records in the history of the IPL.

Some matches have already been held and the teams were able to earn a high number of points, which showed excellent preparation and organization of the process on the part of the captains.

Time passes, but some things do not change, and even this year the team of Delhi Capitals remains the favorite, which, from the first matches, managed to score the maximum number of points by winning in almost every match. But other teams also did not relax and are gradually trying to catch up with the leading team or even overtake in the standings.

At each championship, you cannot focus only on high results, because many teams have gone down in history with the lowest results in the IPL.

Low results are not indicators of weakness, just at some point the players lacked persistence or agility and they became representatives of anti-records and a good example of how not to play.

Each of the lowest score in ipl games is a good incentive to renew team lineups, play strategy and improve professionalism.

Lowest score in IPL

In fact, in all the years of the IPL tournament’s existence, only about twenty matches have been an example of failed strategy and play. If you look at these results in terms of points, then their result was below 100 points. Errors in games led to such a low result and loss of the title.

It is impossible to name a team that would not have hit the bottom of the tournament table at least once. Even regular champions have some not-so-great games they’d rather forget about.

This cannot be called a shame for the team, because the work, which is making after this, borning fruit, and the teams show opposite results in the future and are constantly developing strategies to score the highest score.

Starting to study in detail the course of unsuccessful matches, viewers can see the reasons for the loss. For example, the different power composition of the teams. It may be that in one of the teams, most of the players are newbies and are not yet ready to fight with stronger opponents.

A poorly prepared team, unfortunately, from the first matches, may end up at the bottom of the championship standings and stay there until the final.

The captain also plays an important role in all outcomes of matches, because it is his task to build strategy and fielding for the upcoming matches.

Of course, besides the captain, bowlers also have a huge responsibility. as the main actors in the whole process. The wrong move of one bowler or batsman can lead to the defeat of the whole team.

Although there can be many mistakes in cricket matches, each of them is corrected very quickly and is not repeated in subsequent games.

Among all the results of the lowest team result in the IPL, five anti-records can be distinguished, which were remembered by both teams and fans. For some, such results were just an unsuccessful season that did not lead to the implementation of the expected, but for some, it was an occasion to seriously think about global changes within the team.

Nevertheless, all the participants took into account what happened and in recent years, including this one, discovered a lot of new things in the game — both in the choice of players and in the issue of the correct way of playing the game. Now, remembering these indicators, the players themselves see the work done and the horizons that have opened since then over the years. And yet we will see more fantastic games and steep peaks in this and the next seasons of the IPL.

5. Kolkata Knight Riders’ 67 vs Mumbai Indians

The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) are one of the first teams to be created in the Indian league. Each tournament, the players of this team show top results and, thanks to their roster, which is revised every year, has become popular not only in the vastness of India but throughout the planet. KKR gained such popularity not only thanks to high results, but also one match, which. unfortunately or fortunately became the worst in the history of the team.

The worst year for Kolkata was 2008, which was the first season of the tournament. Especially it is worth noting the result of such bowlers as Shaun Pollock and Dwayne Bravo, whose actions and mistakes led to the defeat of the team and a lowest score in general.

This match became useful for the team, as it became an example of how not to do it and where to change the strategy.

And then, in 2012, after reviewing their game and daily training, KKR managed to win the IPL tournament and then repeated this breakthrough two years later, thereby proving their level of professionalism and inscribing the name of their team in the history of world cricket.

4. Delhi Daredevils’ 67 vs Kings XI Punjab

Delhi Daredevils is also a team that is heard all over the cricket world. More recently, the team underwent a rebranding and now it bears the proud name Delhi Capitals — in honor of the delightful and vibrant capital of India, which is the symbol of the team.

The players of this squad show the most powerful results every season and set the bar with new records.

But one season was not entirely pleasant for the team, but rather even a failure. In 2017, in the match against Kings XI Punjab, the team’s bowlers were unable to show their full strength, which led to a very low result, despite the further increase in the pace of the game. As a result, the team’s overall result was 67 points.

But this match became an anti-example for Delhi Capitals and after a couple of years in 2020 the team managed to reach the final and play against the strongest Mumbai Indian’s and as a result, despite the loss, showed a bright game.

In the 2021 season, the Delhi Capitals are among the favorites and one of the likely winners due to their excellent lineup and organizational capabilities, as well as thanks to the efforts of each team member.

3. Delhi Daredevils’ 66 vs Mumbai Indians

Delhi Capitals, as a representative of the capital of India, always strives to achieve the highest result in the IPL. In particular, the last 2 years have become clear evidence of this. Nevertheless, the 2017 season is still remembered by many players for two games.

Another unsuccessful match in DD’s statistics was the battle with the Mumbai Indians in 2017. In an attempt to achieve an excellent result, the team could not cope with the pace, gradually showing a decline in results. Mumbai, in turn, successfully seized the initiative and, as a result, began to lead. As a result, the game ended for the then Delhi Daredevil with a score of 66 points, which was another disappointment for the IPL 2017.

A kind of revenge was the match with the Mumbai Indians in the 2020 IPL final. The team, already with a new name, met with the enemy in Dubai and, despite the defeat, managed to show what changes they have made in recent years, and showed a game that will be remembered by millions of fans. The Delhi Capitals are aiming to win this year and, given the restrictions on Covid-19 matches, are successfully holding the lead.

2. Rajasthan Royals’ 58 vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

There is also another team in the IPL. that does not leave anyone indifferent and this is the Rajasthan Royals, a representative of Rajasthan, who is remembered for her strong game and her ability to develop new talent, as well as the scandals associated with the team.

Other teams in the league are afraid to face this team in matches, as it is considered one of the fastest and strongest in the IPL and also not a one-time winner of the tournament.

In 2009, the manner and play of the Rajasthan Royals were remembered for their specificity, especially clearly in the match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore, which finished 7th at the end of the season.

Despite the poor level of training of the opposing team, the Rajasthan Royals did not manage to get a victory at the beginning of the season, but as a result, this game became the second among the lowest points in history of the IPL.

Despite the presence in the history of the team of matches with a rather weak game, Rajasthan became the first to receive the IPL title and inscribed the name of the team and its players in the history of the IPL and cricket in general.

In the following years, the game was played decently, but due to the 2013 scandal, the team missed 2 seasons of the competition. This year the team came out with an updated roster and has already managed to show their abilities and desire to win.

1. Royal Challengers Bangalore’s 49 vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Royal Challengers Bangalore or RSB for short can be called in every sense the most interesting team in the Indian Premier League. Throughout its history of matches, RSB has shown good results, which, however, did not allow them to win the status of winners and consolidate the status of «lagging». Despite this, the team continues their annual performances, trying to reach their full potential and win the much-coveted championship.

The 2017 match against the Kolkata Knight Riders was the team’s most unfortunate match, recording their overall team result as the lowest in IPL history. This game is considered by many to be extremely strange, mainly due to the many missed opportunities and the generally weak play of the participants. As well as for DD, this season can also be called extremely unsuccessful for RSB, in particular, according to the results of this match.

Thus, this made Royal Challengers Bangalore the owner of two results at once — the lowest and highest result in the history of the Indian Premier League.

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