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Who are the sponsors of the 2020 edition of the IPL?

The Indian Premier League is one of the top cricket tournaments around the world. As such, it has a large list of sponsors. Not only that, because there is a wide variety of businesses who are interested in becoming part of the IPL family as well. Hopefully their time will come somewhere in the future.

For now, this is the selected group of companies that the IPL organization proudly welcomes as its sponsors. Without them, the realization of the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League would have been impossible:

  • Dream 11;
  • Unacademy;
  • Tata Motors;
  • Paytm;
  • CRED;
  • And CEAT as well!

Here people will be able to know more about these incredible companies. Also, everybody reading this article will be able to understand why these businesses have discovered the incredible opportunity to participate in the IPL on their own way.

The official sponsor of the IPL

Out of all the companies that were mentioned in the previous list, it can be stated that Dream 11 is the business that can rightfully claim the title as the official sponsor of the current edition of the Indian Premier League. For those who might not know, this company works hard in creating an attractive environment surrounding cricket matches for people sitting at their homes. This has been especially important considering how hard the COVID pandemic has hit the entire world, meaning of course that it is very difficult to attend a stadium during these days.

Dream 11 is available as a web platform but also as a mobile app. Right now approximately 100 million users employ this portal, which of course speaks a lot about the popularity of this exciting discipline in India.

It is really interesting to explore how this platform works. First of all, it allows fans to watch matches from the comfort of a computer or a mobile gadget. However, this is not simply a streaming platform. Instead, users can interact by picking a squad of their choice from the entire list of teams before the beginning of each contest. At the same time, watchers can choose the players that they think will have a good performance throughout it.

If the chosen players perform in a good manner, the users who picked them will get points. Those who get the largest amount of points will be awarded a cash price. It is important to mention that people must pay a service fee for accessing this specific feature of the platform. Nevertheless, it is a quite interesting manner to interact with the fantastic matches that the Indian Premier League offers. It has managed to create a very interesting collaboration deal.

Unacademy is another of the sponsors of the current edition of the IPL, as mentioned in the previous list. It had a very close competition with Dream 11 to see who could claim the title as the top IPL 2020 sponsor of the championship. No official figures have been disclosed about how each company offered to become the official sponsor of the IPL. However, different reports claim that Dream 11 took this title by offering approximately ₹201 crore, which is a massive amount.

Knowing more about the other sponsors of the Indian Premier League

As previously mentioned, Unacademy was the company who fiercely battled with Dream 11 for the title as the top sponsor of the current edition of the Indian Premier League. Despite losing this title, it still collaborates in its own way with the realization of the competition. This business started only a few years ago, and its purpose is to prepare students to face a wide range of highly competitive exams. These evaluations can have a huge impact in a person’s life, therefore it is extremely important to get good preparation. Unacademy can offer exactly that.

Civil Services is only one of the exams for which Unacademy can prepare people for. It has a free and a paid subscription. In any case, it is a very interesting and appreciated service in India. Therefore, it is a good idea to further explore what it has to offer. Its results have been incredible. Right now 100 million people each month take advantage of its wide variety of services.

Tata Motors is another important sponsor of the current edition of the Indian Premier League. It is reported that it pays approximately ₹42-45 crore to the organizers of the tournament. Thanks to this deal, the company is allowed to show its flagship car on the important matches that take place in this championship. This deal has resulted in a mutual benefit for the tournament and the company as well.

Paytm is another company that has recently renewed its sponsorship contract with the IPL. Its current contract runs for 5 years, and will finish in 2023. In order to create this deal with the organization of the tournament, many reports claim that the business offered approximately ₹320 crore. For those who might not know, Paytm is a mobile digital wallet service employed by millions of Indians. This company is also one of the official sponsors of the Indian National Cricket Team, therefore, it is highly appreciated by fans of this sport.

CRED is another business that has become one of the top partners of the Indian Premier League. This company is dedicated to offer credit card payment systems, and allows its customers to get full control of their finances through the apps available for Android and iOS. It is an extremely popular application used by millions every day.

Finally, CEAT is another proud sponsor of the Indian Premier League. Its collaboration with the tournament started back in 2015. Since them, both the competition and the brand have benefited greatly from this deal. That’s the main reason why this business also has a deal that runs until 2023.

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