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In Which Date IPL Will Start?

The whole world seems frozen in expecting the kick-off of the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic over the globe in 2020, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) decided to postpone the tournament. While the situation with coronavirus in India and overseas is improving and the number of infected people is decreasing, BBCI is at the stage of ending up the schedule and venue of IPL 2021.

IPL 2021 Tentative Date

With the global pandemic on the planet, it is hard to predict anything. Despite hardships and obstacles, BBCI could find strength and think over the future of IPL. Recently, the registration of players in the auction has finished and announced the complete list of accepted players both Indian and overseas. This time it’s been a kind of mini-auction, not a mega one.

Thus, BCCI has already reported that IPL 2021 will start on April 11. They justify such a decision by letting some domestic competitions be over by that time. They are Vijay Hazare Trophymen’s domestic one-day competition and senior women’s one-day tournament. Also, the series against England is expected to take place in India. This contest is supposed to end up on March 28th, and the 14th session of IPL could commence.

IPL match is likely to be conducted in India this year as the situation there is getting much better now than in UAE. According to a source keeping track of the developments, the final of IPL 2021 will be conducted on June 6th at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. By knowing the date of the start and the end of the IPL match this year, cricket fans and cricket players will be able to regulate all their stuff and get ready for the greatest contest so wanted and expected.

Though the date of IPL is officially announced but tentative yet, the last word will be under the IPL Governing Council whether to confirm or postpone it.

IPL Champions

The history of IPL takes origin from 2007 since it was founded. So far, it has boasted big victories by strong cricket teams as well as defeats because of poor teams’ performances. Like in any sports event, there are unique teams and players worthy of attracting our attention and impression.

Every year BCCI reports about the number of teams supposed to  participate in each IPL season. Last season involved 13 teams, but this year 8 teams will fight for their championship.

The champion league team that won 5 titles in 13 seasons is Mumbai Indians. It’s a current IPL 2020 champion and the most successful team in the IPL history.

Chennai Super Kings is considered the most dominant IPL team. According to their strive, they reached the playoffs in 10 seasons of participation in IPL. They won the IPL title three times, the last in 2018.

Among other teams that could stand to an end and win the title is Kolkata Knight Riders. They were IPL champions two times (2012, 2014).

IPL 2021 is expected to be thrilling and a bit worrying at the same time in the way how players will undertake the competition under the coronavirus impact. The opening IPL 2021 match will be held by the contest between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals.

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