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How to Watch Live Match on Hotstar for Free

IPL will commence in September and go on Until October this year! 31 matches will be split into the following:

  • 10 double headers.
  • 7 single headers.
  • 4 playoffs.

the above playing categories will fit in a three weeks window likely to get formed before World Cup starts!>/p>

Competitions commenced in April! Unfortunately COVID-19 led to a halt! Most participants contracted the virus leading to suspension of matches!

Now the tournament is getting restructured as there is hope that things will go back to normal! By September, everything is expected to resume! Competitions will take place in venues like!

  • United Arab Emirates
  • England
  • Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, Indian members will play the following

  • Three-match ODI.
  • Three-match T20I series.

How To Watch IPL Live Free in Hotstar

The mobile platform serves people living within India! One can view movies, TV programs, and real-time sports without subscribing! The features are available on iOS and Android devices! There is a premium option as well! Individuals need to pay monthly or yearly to receive various functions!


  • A lot of Indian and English content: People choose from many famous series.
  • Many matches: Individuals view in various ways.
  • Offline benefits: Members may download content and view it when they have no connection to the internet. Doing that suits people on the go or anyone that has no access to fast internet.


The app looks attractive! It functions without challenges on iOS and Android devices! Clients can get anything they need without struggle!

The interface comprises a screen where people get recordings, TV programs, movies, and games! Everything gets accessed with just one click!

System specifications

Individuals view top-quality content on PCs! The platform is accessible on the following!

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla
  • Windows 7 and above
  • Mac OS version 10.2 and above

phone members need to have the following!

  • iOS 9
  • Android 4.0 tablet or smartphone

Competitions are accessible with no payment! The process is not different from people who have a Fire TV or Mi TV stick!

With a casting gadget, clients can transmit competitions on TV with no charges! Google Chromecast and any other casting gadget are good when watching TV! Clients can view directly on television from the real-time app!

enjoying offers without subscribing;

Unpaid options are necessary when watching competitions! People can use Airtel or Jio TV! Through a casting gadget, clients view the television! New login details are not necessary! People use the one they use on their Jio or Airtel platform! There is a one-year unpaid plan!

acquiring VIP benefits with no money;

Through Airtel or Jio TV credentials, individuals get features without paying in a year!

People may use DishTV DTH home service to see ILP on phones with no payment! Another option is Tata Sky which gives unpaid streaming on phones using an application!

plans giving unpaid competition features;

  • Airtel: Rs 599 and Rs 448.
  • Jio: Rs 777, Rs 598, and Rs 401.

Unregistered apps like RedBox, LiveNet, and Thop TV come with unpaid watching! However, customers should avoid them since they are not recommended!

Watch IPL 2021 Live

Current competitions can get streamed live on an app! Premium clients have a chance to watch all matches!

Films and VIP streaming platform costs Rs 399! People get it through selecting Airtel, Jio, or Flipkart plans!


There exist several prepaid options! People can use them to get Disney + Hotstar VIP functions!

A cricket plan costing Rs 401 is there! It is active throughout one month and encompasses unlimited texting and daily data of three gigabytes! Anyone that wants an extended plan can pay with the same account! Available options are!

  • Rs 598: It is a fifty-six-day plan. Clients receive 112 GB of data and unlimited messaging.
  • Rs 777: People receive 131GB of data plus unlimited calls. The package expires after 84 days.
  • Rs 2599: The one-year plan give customers 740 bundles plus unlimited calling.

Rs 599: The fifty-six-day cricket package provides 84 gigabytes of data. There are no communication benefits.

    Jio fiber

existing offers;


  • 399 Indian Rupees: It is a monthly payment. However, bundles start from 999 Indian Rupees Gold package, which gives 150mbps speed and unlimited internet access.
  • Diamond: A 1499 Indian Rupees subscription which brings 300mbps speed.
  • Diamond plus: An Rs 2499 option that gives members a speed of five hundred megabytes per second.
  • Platinum: The 1Gbps speed package costs 3999 Indian Rupees. Customers watch Films plus Hotstar VIP functions, including Sony Liv and other features.




  • Prepaid customers pay 599 Indian Rupees to get 2GB of daily data. It expires after 56 days. It includes unlimited calling and the Disney plus streaming VIP service.
  • Rs 448: The 28 days subscription comes with 3GB of daily internet and unlimited calling. Customers may also watch movies stream VIP benefits.
  • 2698 Indian Rupees: The option suits anyone that desires long-term benefits. It rewards 2GB of daily data, unlimited calling, including Disney and Hotstar VIP.


every Airtel package features the Xtream sport transmission application;


Flipkart is an e-commerce platform! People who shop there win Super coins from their spending! The more one spends, the more coins earned! One hundred Indian Rupees are equivalent to two coins! Through coins, users get a Disney plus transmission VIP offer!

IPL Live Streaming Hotstar Subscription Pack

The platform provides a Premier League live stream place within India and other places globally! The company offers Disney content, legacy titles, and various kinds of movies!

The platform additionally air matches legally! They include


  • Indian premier league
  • F1


The Movies and Hotstar platform features several shows in local languages!

A subscription limits non-paying users from accessing most features! Customers have three packages! Each one comes with its own payment, features, and duration!

charges, duration and benefits;

the subscription is split into:


  • VIP
  • Premium
  • Affordable
  • An option for supports ads


The last option above provides small content such as updates, short clips, and kid’s programs! Members do not pay for it. However, there are many adverts to put up with!

The premium and VIP alternatives allow people to get premium features! Below is the cost and duration!


  • Unpaid: Available services include news, programs for kids, short clips, and access to live sports for five minutes.
  • VIP: Customers pay 399 Indian Rupees to watch latest movies, real-time matches, children shows, specials, and seven multiplex blockbusters.
  • Premium: People pay Rs 299 per month and Rs 1299 per year. The available services include seven multiplex blockbusters, recent American movies, Disney including originals, kids programs, specials, real-time F1, cricket, and premier league matches, together with latest TV shows.


How To Watch IPL Live In Hotstar Free? (For Jio Users)

Jio Telecommunication Company in India operates an LTE network, which covers 22 telecom places! Customers do not get 3G and 2G features! What they enjoy is voice over LTE that caters to a 4G network!

After emerging in 2015, the company became public after some months! Currently, it is among the best phone services within India! It also got ranked third in size globally! The number of customers so far is more than 400,000,000!

The business came up with fiber home service after three years of operation! Available offers include!


  • Television
  • Broadband
  • Mobile benefits


Clients enjoy various Jio packages through the movies and Hotstar subscription! With a little as 401 Indian Rupees, one gets calls and data on top of the subscription! Below are Jio packages for accessing IPL for free!


  • 401 Indian Rupees package provides 90 gigabytes. So, customers enjoy 3GB daily plus another 6GB. Additional offers encompass unlimited calls and 100 texts per day. The validity is one month.
  • Rs 499 offers individuals 4GB of internet with a validity period of 56 days. Users enjoy 1.5 GB each day without texting or calling benefits.
  • An Rs 598 package has a validity period of 56 days. Customers get unlimited calls plus 100 texts daily. Users gain up to 112GB of data.
  • 612 Indian Rupees package comes with 4GB data on Disney and Hotstar. Customers gain 72GB of data with no free texts and calls.
  • Rs 777 subscription rewards 131GB plus an additional five gigabytes of phone data. It encompasses free calling and one hundred text services. Validity is 84 days.
  • Rs 1004 option has a validity period of twenty days. Clients receive two hundred GBs of internet with no free calls or text benefits.
  • Rs 1206 alternative gives 4GB internet and its validity period is 108 days. People enjoy 240GB of data.
  • An Rs 1208 subscription lasts 240 days. People receive 240GB of data.
  • The 2599 Indian Rupees package comes with unlimited calling and lasts for twelve months. People get 740GB plus an additional 10GB.


fiber payments;

The offers are similar to those of mobile devices! The provider includes bundles Disney Plus Hotstar VIP payments!

below is what customers pay in Indian Rupees;


  • 8,499
  • 3,999
  • 2,499
  • 1,499
  • 999


The packages come with extra benefits such as giving clients access to IPL on TV or phone!

How To Watch IPL Live In Hotstar Free? (For Airtel Users)

Airtel telecommunication business exists in various countries in Africa and Asia! The provider gives 4G+, 4G LTE, and 2G mobile support, transmission, and fixed-line broadband! There are over 450,000,000 million subscribers within India alone! The company got ranked second in the most valuable businesses in India!

Airtel introduced the outsourcing strategy! Most of its services get outsourced! It is only finance, marketing, and sales that never get outsourced! Most businesses copy that strategy! Airtel’s equipment comes from Nokia, Huawei, and Ericsson! The three companies also manage the tools! The Information Technology service is offered by Amdocs while transmission parts get run by Indus and Bharti Infratel companies!

Any users can see a match with no charges! People only have to install a streaming app on phones! Upgrading membership is not necessary to view real-time sports! As long as there exists an active Airtel pack, you can enjoy sports!

hotstar plus Disney VIP plan is available in packages like;


  • Rs 2698, which comes with a data of 2GB daily.
  • Rs 599 option that rewards 2GB daily.
  • Rs 448, where members receive three gigabytes daily.
  • Rs 401 which rewards users thirty GBs.


users can subscribe to any of the above packages to enjoy free IPL streaming!

IPL Live On Hotstar With Flipkart Plus

Flipkart is an online selling business in India! It started by offering books and expanded to electrical devices, groceries, home items, etc!

The e-commerce business competes with Amazon! It has a market share of 39.5%! Both companies offer mobile gadgets, and Flipkart has a payment service known as PhonePe!

All plus clients may get Hotstar and Disney services for free! The company lets them stream real-time sports without payment! Users may receive a one-year subscription through coins!

accessing the services;


  • One needs a Flipkart membership. Young people who are still in school may earn a free twelve months subscription.
  • A user needs to open Flipkart app and switch to the reward part.
  • With 740 coins, one can unlock the real-time streaming payment.
  • A premium coupon on a person’s email address and mobile number.
  • Through a link, customers find the subscription page.
  • Registration takes place using an email address.
  • A users needs to enter the code gotten.
  • There will be a confirmation after which one can start enjoying free benefits.



Premier League matches have gone back to India, and cricket fever is high! Lately, Disney and Hotstar are becoming a virtual place for fans! The platform will stream matches live! It has even spiced up things by adding interactive features such as ball-by-ball predictor games, group communication, emojis, multi-camera service, etc!

Customers get access to IPL games and the above functions once they download the Android or iPhone application! Every user needs to register using an email address or mobile number!

Users get free real-time sports in the first 5 minutes! Once the time elapses, a subscription is needed to continue watching! There exist packages like VIP and premium! One can waive the charges to enjoy free services through Airtel, Jio, and Flipkart!

The adaptive streaming service offers top-quality videos! Mobile data and WiFi users enjoy the best watching experience! The games can play on phone networks with inconsistent throughput to avoid compromising experience on low ends and enjoy high-quality videos on high-end bandwidth! Users may even choose their streaming quality as per their taste!

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