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Hey Google which is the Favourite Team in IPL

The Indian Premier League is considered perhaps one of the most rated championships, and all sports fans from every corner of the world are delighted with it.

Every year before the spring start of the IPL, the Google search engine is bursting with thematic queries. Each user always gets answers to the posed questions. Sometimes Google can provide the client with additional interesting facts.

As soon as the tournament approaches, and especially its final matches, IPL fans ask one request: Hey Google which is the Favorite Team in IPL? According to statistics, this phrase is becoming the most popular during sporting events. 

Each season of the IPL arouses great interest among sports fans, and especially the peak of curiosity occurred in the 2020 season when due to the pandemic the destiny of the tournament was unknown until the first seconds of the primary match. But on September 19, 2020, X-day came and the first game was played. The 13th season of the Indian Premier League took place and surprised all fans! While the championship was in full swing, and even after the final game, Google users became actively interested in which team is the favourite of this major search engine, as well as trying to find out little-known facts about all IPL teams and players.

Turning to search engines are becoming more and more popular every year.

Such a sports direction as cricket arouses great curiosity and every fan wants to know the favourite team IPL from Google.

Each IPL game evokes a storm of emotions and at the same time a lot of Internet requests not only in the vastness of India but also in every country on the planet Earth.

Going deeply into the statistics of social media, the Indian Premier League breaks all records both on YouTube and on other online platforms for watching sports events.

But still, what is Google’s favourite IPL team? The first answer is the Chennai Super Kings despite several defeats in previous seasons. Before matches with CSK tickets are sold out in the first few minutes, since each game is delightful!

Google which is your Favourite Team in IPL?

It is unrealistic to imagine the modern world without browsers and Google. This is the only and simplest way to get all the needed information. Its popularity is especially growing during sports tournaments. IPL becomes one of the leaders in the world of sports. Franchising status in some way helps to make this league special and exciting, as every year fans watch the games of new players of their favourite teams.

To the question: Google which is your Favorite Team in IPL? everyone can see only one answer and that is Chennai Super Kings. The basis for such an answer was the grandiose composition of the team, which, despite the changes, remains incredibly strong.

Under the leadership of head coach Stephen Fleming, the team created a new sports story in front of the audience, which began in 2008. Every game in every season, the team showed incredible results that even the other IPL competitors were striving for!

Throughout the history of the IPL, CSK became a three-time champion of the tournament and is considered one of the strongest team IPL. Throughout all seasons, the final standings were always with CSK in the top three.

How to choose the Favourite Team in IPL?

In total, 8 strongest teams take part in the IPL. Every year at the auction, these teams renew their squads and enter the stadium with renewed vigour and it becomes extremely difficult to understand who will be the winner.

Before choosing a team to root for, viewers study the successes and failures of each team member.

  1. For lovers of regular winners, Mumbai Indians (MI) is an ideal candidate. This is a team of record holders in terms of the number of victories in comparison with other teams.
  2. For those who like an interesting development of events and an unexpected outcome, fans should pay attention to the game of Chennai Super Kings (CSK). This team IPL is a three-time tournament winner and had never missed a chance of entering the semi-finals.

Their play surprises everyone as this team did not inspire hope in the beginning, but after a long streak of victories, the number of the team’s fans has increased.

  1. If the viewer wants to watch the daring competition of powerful athletes, then he will like the game with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). This team can boast not only strong and beautiful bodies. The dexterity of the movements of each player amazes everyone who comes to watch the matches with the participation of KKR.

It is this team that knows how to turn every game in the IPL into an unexpected show and, thanks to perfect strategies, has twice become the winner of the Indian League. Therefore, the fans have great chances that their KKR will become a three-time champion next season.

  1. Sunrisers Hyderabad (SH) is among the teams that have been winners at least once. They have got the title of the winner back in 2016 and maybe they will have enough powers to repeat the winning strategy in the coming season?
  2. The one-time and first IPL winners Rajasthan Royals (RR) also have great chances of winning, since it is time to show who is the strongest in the world of cricket after 13 seasons.
  3. Delhi Capitals (DC), Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and the Punjab Kings also have huge winning chances. Although they haven’t been the first in the standings, it’s time to win with a new strategy, isn’t it?

Each of the teams deserves a victory and the best motivation for every player is their fans. After all, only from the audience, teams feel incredible support that helps to get such a desired victory.

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