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Cricket is a team sport with a huge amount of fans. Firstly it’s connect with the high popularity of such sport in India, where live more than a billion people and thanks to Indian fans, according to some sources, it is the second most popular sport in the world after football.

Matches take place all year and the betting opportunities are almost endless.

Crickett betting is a multibillion dollar business in Asia, Australia and surrounding countries, Britain. The largest markets are high–profile test matches between national teams, as well as T20 games in the Indian Premier League. Roughly 70 percent of cricket bets are made live.

Cricket Line Guru is an application containing updates and news about game. In app it’s possible to find information about all the major croquet commands in a world.

The information provided in the application may be a little overwhelming to some fans, so there are many ways to filter the results in the application to see only those club that are not indifferent.

Live Scores on Cricket Line Guru

Mainly today, three croquet formats may be distinguished: first level croquet, single-day matches and T20 («twenty»). At first level, meetings can last 3, 4 or 5 days, in such format helds test tournament between national groups and national championships. It is the slowest form of such sport and is often played in heavy tactical combat.

The fastest and most spectacular regulation is T20, where a competition do not drag on for a long time. The G20 is gradually gaining more and more popularity around the world, with just couple innings (one per each team’s attack) to complete the round, and the average meeting time is three and a half hours.

Single–day matches (One Day International, or simply ODI) are the golden mean. In these rounds, the commands try to find the winner within one day, and the round is generally limited to 40 or 50 overs.

Similar to baseball, in croquet, players try to hit the ball after the defending command has served, but other than that, there are not many overlaps between the both sports.

Matches are played between two groups — 11 gamers on each side. A field has a rounded shape and may vary in size, but in the center there is always a circle with a diameter of 20 meters («pitch»), where take place all the main actions.

Two teams take turns hitting the ball or serving it, single serving bowler and ten outfield gamblers are on the defensive side at the same time, and only pair of batsmen hitting the field, one by one on opposite sides of the pitch, are in attack.

The attacking gamer tries to score as much as possible jogs — «runs» — in the «over» allocated to him (there are six bowler innings per over), or until he is out-of-bounds by the defense. The hitter tries to deflect the shot so that the ball reaches the edge of the pitch or travels far enough away from opponents to allow the batter to run over to the other side of the pitch.

In case of success, and if certain other conditions are met, the batsman’s command will earn wounds. At the same time, the fulfillment of certain performance conditions — the capture of the ball by the opponent before touching the ground, the destruction of the hitter’s gate, and others — takes the slugger out of the round.

The group’s attack, the so–called innings, continues until the 10 batsmen of the battering team are removed from the game, after which the rivals change roles.

The control over the course of the game is carried out by two referees. They enforce the rules and make decisions. If the competition has an international nature, a third referee may be present at the round — he is off the field and helps his colleagues. Couple markers keep score of the round — they follow the signals of the referees and record their decisions.

Crickett involves the use of special equipment: 6 columns and 4 crossbars to a gatefold, two bats and a ball. Professional cricket tournaments require each group to have a special uniform. And the gate defender is obliged to wear protective clothing.

News on Cricket Line Guru

Mumbai: Former Indian cricketer Ramesh Pavar has been reappointed as coach of India’s women’s croquet club. BCCI has confirmed the appointment of Ramesh Pavar as new coach. 35 people applied on the position of a coach. Among them, Ramesh Pavar won the lottery again.

The contract is currently will last two years. Last month, the BCCI invited candidates to coach positions of the Indian women’s national team.

Ramesh Pavar coached the Mumbai command which won the Vijaya Hazare Trophy this year. In 2018, Ramesh Pavar was replaced by W.W. Raman as coach of the India women’s national team.

Dhaka: The loss of the first ODI series against Bangladesh was a sign of the collapse of Sri Lanka’s croquet. The Sri Lanka team, which made a journey to Bangladesh, lost the first pair of matches of the ODI three–match series. Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka with 103 jogs in the second leg, which was interrupted twice due to rain. Bangladesh won the first ODI with 33 runs.

In the second ODI, Bangladesh won the toss and batted with 246 points to 48.1 overs. Mushfikur Rahim, the hitter who scored the century, gave them their best serve. Raheem has scored 125 of 127 goals on 10 fours. Mahmudulla also improved (41 out of 58 goals with one four and two sixes) and Lytton Das (25 out of 42 goals with two fours).

Dubai: Former Sri Lankan bowler and coach Nuwan Soyza was suspended on six years for a croquet correctional case. In 2017, when he was a bowling coach in Sri Lanka’s A team, he was accused of attempting to scam an Indian spy. Soyza has been suspended in such case since October 31, 2018.

The current ban of the ICC Disciplinary Committee is in term of 6 years from such date. In his 42 years Soyza has played 30 Tests and 95 ODIs at Sri Lanka.

KARACHI: Experienced Pakistani cricketer Shuayb Malik has made it clear that he does not intend to immediately retire from international croquet. Malik, who is also the husband of Indian tennis star Saniya Mirza, came up with an explanation amid rumors circulating in Pakistani sport circles that he would soon retire. Malik in the age of 39, who has already retired from the Test and ODI formats, is still only active in the twenties.

Malik, who has played 116 Twenty20 International performances so far, has 2335 jogs and 28 wickets. Malik is also the third in individual batsman in the Twenty20 format. Malik did 10,488 runs with an average of 37.06 in the T20I. Malik is followed only by Chris Gale (13,885) and Kieran Pollard (10710).

Ahmedabad: Kolkata Knight Riders beat Punjab Kings in the first ipl match of the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. After losing the shot and deciding to hit, the Punjab Kings had 123 of 9 out of 20 overs. Mayank Agarwal became Punjab’s top scorer with 31 of 34 goals, including a four and two sixes.

Chris Gale, Punjab’s long–awaited Golden Duck. Deepak Hoodah (one of four), Moises Henriquez (two of three) and Ravi Bishnoy (one of four) were disappointing. Arshdeep Singh and Mohammad Shami (1) did not drop out. In Calcutta, Prasid Krishna took three wickets to 30 passes in four overs. Sunil Narine of the West Indies took two wickets on 22 jogs in four overs, while Pat Cummins took two wickets on 31 runs in three overs. Shivam Mavi, who used 1 in just 13 passes in four overs, was also notable.

All news are available on cricket line guru where it is possible to read news and updates about every major cricket team. It includes commands which are drafting or trading players, athletes being injured or leaving the round or other major updates.


On cricket line guru it is possible to find a detailed schedule of both past croquet games and those which will be coming soon. This allows to keep up with favorite groups and knows when and with whom they are playing.

Here is a possibility to find a complete description of the games the club will play with a detailed description of the date per each performance. it will also indicate which of the groups will play on the hosting and how many competitions will be played on each site.

In the Crickett Line Guru possible to find timetables to any clubs around the world. It includes International croquet, ICC cricket world cup, ICC T20I cricket world cup IPL,Ranji,Dilip trophy, Karnataka premier League, county croquet,T20 blast,big bash League, royal London cup,border-gavaskar trophy’s, and all other platforms and games. So be updated on cricket line guru.


The International Crickett Board Player Rating is a widely used ranking system to international cricketers based on their recent performances.

The rankings were originally intended for Test Cricket only, but separate One Day International ratings were introduced in 1998. Both sets of ranks have now been calculated prior to the start of the score.The ratings include the top 10 Test, ODI and T20I batsmen, bowlers and generalists based on each gambler’s rank.

Player rankings are a weighted average of all player’s performances, with recent matches having the highest weight (so the overall effect of good or bad play diminishes over time).

Each competition result is assigned a score of 1000 based on a set of predefined criteria, and these numbers are averaged. It means that the maximum possible overall score is 1000, and a gamer who is rated 900 is considered as an exceptional achievement. In case of bowling are maintained separate lists, and is published a universal ranking, which is obtained by multiplying the rank of the player in the bandage and bowling together and division by 1000.

In betting, the performance score is based on a combination of runs scored, the opponent’s bowler rating, the result of the fight, and comparison to the total score of the round. Bowler scores points based on taken gates, missed jogs and game result, with more points earned for firing high–ranked batsmen. The damping factor is applied to a gamers rank early in his career, so he does not receive a full score for his performances until he has played about 20 tests.

Basically, in croquet, gamblers are judged by their ranks. And the assessment criteria may be different. As an example — batsmen are judged on their normal jogs for completed serves.

If consider bowlers, then for them it’s the normal number of passes given for a taken gates. These are nice pre-established base numbers. When appeared the restrictions over croquet, a few different types of estimation were taken as a basis.

In case of batsmen, the percentage of strikes has become a significant part of the punishment and in the case of bowlers it is an indicator of savings.

Crickett analysts are not only ranking enthusiasts, they also keep records. It is possible to write down a fairly wide range of numbers: what may include most of the jogs in innings or vocation, most of the wickets in the profession, the number of times a slugger scored 100 jogs (also called a century) or the case when a bowler took 5 gatefolds in an innings and most cases which are attract the attention of the association.

There are midpoints for comparing the professions of gamers, but they are not as effective for revealing who is currently in an acceptable structure. Thus, the World Cricket Chamber created a rank system to groups of bowlers and batsmen.

These calculations are not subject to dissemination, but they do not fully disclose emotional information and take into account factors such as, for example, the nature of resistance and how such performance later took place. The current rating can be viewed at Cricket Line Guru.


Polls are the right of any fan to give his vote and his preference to his favorite team or to a particular cricketer. Also here it is possible to determine who will win and who will lose and choose the best player in the game.

In the follow way, any fan can provide support and help to get to know others. To do this, use Cricket Line Guru.


So, croquet to someone can be an alien sport, but with a little effort it can be a treasure trove for forecasters looking to broaden their horizons. The fluctuating momentum makes it a treasure trove of real–time betting.

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