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Chennai Super Kings Coaches

The Chennai Super Kings, also known as CSK, is one of the eight teams that participates in the Indian Premier League. This tournament is one of the most popular and competitive cricket championships all over the world. By consequence, being the coach of one of these squads can be a great honor, as literally hundreds of millions of passionate fans will be putting their hopes and dreams in the skill and strategy that the coach can apply to each match.

But of course, the coach is not alone. He has a dedicated staff that puts its best effort in guaranteeing the best performance of the squad during each match. Each person who integrates this group has a designated task that covers a specific need of the team. For those who might not know, a cricket coaching staff is usually made up of the following members:

  • a batting coach;
  • a bowling coach;
  • a fielding coach;
  • a throwdown specialist;
  • a physiotherapist;
  • a high performer analyst;
  • a physical trainer;
  • a team doctor;
  • and of course, the head coach!

Each one of them performs a crucial role in ensuring that the team performs in the best possible manner. Let’s explore the sometimes invisible, but incredible people that work hard not only during the matchdays, but also during the rest of the time, for ensuring that the team will get the best possible results. Of course, this also means that if this coaching team does a good job, the fans will be delighted.

Let’s not forget that so far, the Chennai Super Kings have won the IPL on three separate occasions. Not only that, because they have also managed to reach the playoff stage in every single season of the Indian Premier League where this squad has participated. These incredible results speak a lot about how fantastic the job is performed by all coaches. Not only the current ones, but the former one as well. Every time that a new member joins the CSK coaching staff, there are going to be huge expectations that fans will want to see fulfilled.

Who integrates the current coaching staff of the CSK squad

One of the crucial roles of every cricket team is the one that must be fulfilled by the batsman. Therefore, it is difficult to think of someone more suited for the job of batting coach than a former batsman. This is the case of Mike Hussey. He was the batsman of the CSK since the creation of the IPL back in 2008. His incredible performance was one of the reasons why the Chennai Super Kings got their first title back in 2010. After retiring as a player, Hussey was immediately appointed as the batting coach of the team in 2018. Since then, the new batsmen of the team have continued to perform in a fantastic manner.

2018 also saw the addition of another member into the CSK coach staff. This is the case of Lakshmipathy Balaji. He was the bowler of the Chennai Super Kings between 2008 and 2010. His job was also essential in the obtention of the first crown for the squad back in 2010. After this year he moved to the KKR team. However, since his retirement as a player, he returned to CSK but this time as a bowling coach. Since then, he has also been an extremely important member of the coaching staff, ensuring that current bowlers perform in the best possible manner during every single match.

During 2018 there was an important reformation in the coaching staff of the Chennai Super Kings. That year not only saw the appointment of Lakshmipathy Balaji and Mike Hussey as bowling and bat coaches respectively. Over that period Rajiv Kumar also joined the team as a fielding coach. As a player, Kumar had a successful career at Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has continued to be a successful cricket person during his current career as a coach.

The coaching staff of a cricket team would not be complete without a throwdown specialist. This is the case of Narasimhan V. He is the current throwdown specialist of the squad. His incredible job is visible during every match day, ensuring that the Chennai Super Kings continue performing at a top-level on a match by match basis.

The physiotherapist is another essential role that every cricket team must fulfill by a competent person. Tommy Simsek is an Australian national who has fulfilled this role in the Chennai Super Kings since the first season of the squad in the IPL, which took place back in 2008. The fact that he has been in this job for more than 10 years, helping a lot of players in rehabilitation, injury management and fitness tasks, speaks a lot of the great job that he has been performing during all these years.

Lakshmi Narayan is the high performer analyst of CSK. As a former player, he helped the Tamil Nadu squad to lift the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy back in the 2007-08 season. Right now he does an essential job in monitoring the performance of every single member of the squad.

The job of the physical trainer at the Chennai Super Kings is currently fulfilled by Greg King. He is a former world-class player from South Africa. He initially joined CSK in 2008 performing the same role. He left the team in 2015, but later returned in 2018. His job has been incredible in making sure that every player of the squad performs in top form.

Finally, this article would be incomplete without talking about the Head Coach. Right now the CSK coach 2020 is Stephen Fleming. He was a CSK player during the 2008 season. He retired at the end of that edition, however, he immediately took the role of head coach starting in the 2009 season. He has been the main coach since then, helping the team to become one of the top performers in the entire Indian Premier League.

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