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Best IPL Team

As soon as the start of any sporting event is near, the most difficult thing for fans is to determine the favourite who must become the winner of the championship. At this point, a detailed study of the characteristics and composition of each team comes to the rescue. Their history of creation, victories and defeats, can play a huge role in the results of each game.

Cricket fans should do the same. A little more and the most long-awaited Indian Premier League starts. This tournament is the largest not only in India but throughout the world.

The history of each IPL team began in 2008 under franchising leadership. Initially, the creation of such a tournament did not involve entering the world arena, but the start of the first season caused a huge sensation! Each of the teams fully demonstrated what they are capable of and that they deserve victory.

Undoubtedly, each of the IPL team deserves a victory in the upcoming season. For every fan of this tournament, the most difficult question is how to choose the best IPL team, because they all have the strongest strategies for winning.

IPL Team

Initially, there were 13 teams in the IPL, and after a season their number began to decrease since the weakest participants could not master such a difficult tournament. The last seasons to this day in the IPL consist of 8 teams, each of which is especially strong. Their strength is further enhanced by the annual auction of new players to the teams.

The lineup update has a huge list of specifics that every fan should understand.

  1. One of the key rules of each IPL team is the player limit. Each team can have no more than 24 participants with a restriction on foreigner players, there can be no more than 9 people.
  2. Not only in the composition of the teams there are strict limits but also at the matches. Only 11 of the strongest cricket players from each team can take part in games.
  3. The issue of wages is very regulated and strict. All players receive the same number of payments, and only those who have managed to show the highest results regularly can receive a salary slightly higher than other team members. 
  4. Age restrictions are also very controlled by the commission since all participants must be at least 19 years old. The exception is talented players from the youth league.
  5. The annual auction allows all IPL teams to acquire only 3 newcomers, while some existing players are forced to leave the team or transfer to another team.
  6. Since members of each team are renewed every year, this means that all players also sign a contract for only one year. In exceptional situations, teams can extend the contract with the player, but on mutual agreement.

This tradition of shuffling players has a positive effect on the behaviour of teams in the league, and from the first IPL of the match, each player shows all his abilities in cricket.

Top-rated IPL Team

The entire history of the IPL is simply full of cool results from many teams, but Mumbai Indians (MI) is still considered the best nowadays. 

Almost every year since 2011 became victorious for the team at all possible major championships. So in 2011, they gnawed their first Champions League victory and broke into the history of world cricket.

In 2013, the team managed to repeat the brilliant struggle and took first place in the final of the sixth season of the IPL.

The year 2015 brought the team the glory of a two-time winner in both the Champions League and the Indian Premier League.

Neither the team nor the coach was going to stop at two victories, and already in 2017, they managed to get their third victory in the entire tournament for the first time in the history of the IPL.

Most of the fans of the competing teams were shocked by such outcomes, but they relaxed early, thinking that this was the end of the Mumbai winning streak and already in 2019 the players, using a new strategy, became the winner of the 12th IPL season, and then the 13th season was also victorious for MI.

The five-fold victory of the team undoubtedly makes it the most successful and the most expensive not only in Indian cricket but also in the world sports market, because even during the world championships, many teams are afraid to compete with Mumbai players.


There are several very successful teams in the history of the IPL, one of which is the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). These guys had a very thorny path in the world of cricket, but they still managed to show all their professionalism by winning the first two titles two years in a row in 2010 and 2011.

Unfortunately, the team was suspended from participation in the tournament for several years, but this did not prevent them from returning to the field in 2018 and immediately getting a victory in the IPL 2018. Thanks to this win in honour of the return, the team became a three-time champion in the entire history of the IPL and one of the most successful cricket teams in the world.

Another achievement of the team is that there was not a single playoff without the participation of the team and the players fought to the last for victory in every tournament.

CSK’s competitors are also Riders Kolkata Knight (KKR) who could win the final match against CSK in 2012 and become the winner of the tournament. Then KKR managed to snatch the victory with all his might in 2014 in the game against the Punjab Kings. This team also holds the record for the number of winning streaks among all IPL teams.

Other teams are also insanely professional and have a unique strategy that will possibly help the players to gain victory in the upcoming seasons. Perhaps the outcome of the 14th season will be the most unexpected in the history of the Indian Premier League?

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